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Malcolm Jenkins Rips NFL’s Anthem Policy, ‘Won’t Let It Silence Me’

Malcolm Jenkins Rips NFL Anthem Policy ‘Won’t Let It Silence Me’ Breaking News Malcolm Jenkins says he will not let the NFL’s new national anthem policy “silence me or stop me from fighting” … saying the owners are “[thwarting] the players’ constitutional rights.” The Philadelphia Eagles star never took a knee during the anthem — but […]

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What will the Trump Administration’s Iran policy look like after exiting the nuclear deal?

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Nikki Haley drives Trump’s Israel policy at U.N.

UNITED NATIONS — U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley condemned Thursday the militant group that controls the Gaza Strip of exploiting Palestinians as violence there continues unabated. “Hamas has exploited and endangered the very Palestinian people it claims to represent by locating rocket launchers near schools, apartment buildings, hotels, churches and U.N. facilities,” […]

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What is the Trump administration’s Syria policy?

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U.S. mulls changes to Syria policy, after Trump says U.S. will leave Syria “soon”

President Trump’s declaration last week that the U.S. will get out of Syria “soon” came just a day before the administration halted $200 million in U.S.-led reconstruction efforts. The pair of announcements set off alarm bells within the U.S. government and among allies who are worried Washington’s commitment to Syria may be wavering. Sen. Lindsey […]