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‘Girl With No Job’ Apologizes for Racist Tweets, Outed as Pamela Geller’s Daughter (UPDATE)

‘Girl With No Job’ Outed as Pam Geller’s Kid Apologizes for Old Racist Tweets 3/1/2018 6:41 AM PST 7:25 AM PT — Oath Inc. — which owns AOL — has canceled the Oshry sisters’ YouTube show, “The Morning Breath,” and is launching an investigation into the latest revelations about the family. The ‘Girl With No Job’ […]

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Trump opens up in wide-ranging interview; reveals he tweets from bed

LONDON — President Trump had a wide-ranging interview with journalist Piers Morgan on ITV Sunday night where he revealed that he tweets in bed and how he would have taken a “tougher” attitude toward Brexit negotiations than the approach now being used by British Prime Minister Theresa May. Without providing specifics, Mr. Trump says he would […]