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Report: Cambridge University ethics panel rejected study on Facebook likes

Documents show that an ethics panel at the University of Cambridge rejected a proposed academic study on Facebook likes due to the company’s “deceptive” approach to users’ privacy, reports The Guardian. The study was proposed in 2015 by Aleksander Kogan, an academic in the university’s Department of Psychology, who is at the center of the Facebook privacy […]

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Lax vetting of Trump nominees begins to frustrate some senators

As President Trump’s pick to lead Veterans Affairs skids to a halt, senators from both parties are voicing frustration that the White House is skipping crucial vetting of nominees and leaving lawmakers to clean up the mess. That sentiment was evident Tuesday on Capitol Hill after senators delayed hearings for White House physician Ronny Jackson, […]

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Kanye West Says He Loves Donald Trump and You Can’t Change His Mind

Kanye West I Love Trump!!! He’s ‘My Brother’ 4/25/2018 10:03 AM PDT Breaking News Kanye West doesn’t care what ‘mob’ mentality says, he loves President Trump … even though he doesn’t agree with all of his politics. Kanye declared his allegiance to Trump’s “dragon energy” … in response to DJ Ebro saying Ye had confessed […]

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Super-hot chili pepper lands man in the hospital

If you’re thinking of entering a hot chili pepper eating contest, you might want to think twice, doctors caution. Their warning comes after treating a young man in the hospital who suffered excruciatingly painful headaches after eating a “Carolina Reaper,” long considered the world’s hottest chili pepper. In a case study published in the journal BMJ […]