2 Choate Life Trustees Resign Amid Sexual Abuse Investigation


In some cases, administrators decided that accused faculty members could remain at Choate. Other teachers were forced out, but none of the episodes were reported to the authorities until 2010, even though Connecticut educators have been legally required to report suspected abuse since 1967.

Because the accusations were never reported, teachers suspected of misconduct were able to move on to work at other schools.

Much of the abuse documented by investigators occurred while Mr. Dey and Mr. Shanahan were in charge, and many alumni have called for their removal from their positions. Mr. Dey resigned on Thursday and Mr. Shanahan resigned on Friday.

In a statement, Lorraine S. Connelly, a Choate spokeswoman, thanked Mr. Shanahan and Mr. Dey “for their contributions to the school” and said, “we believe their resignations are important steps in our community’s healing process.”

The news of their resignations was first reported by The Record-Journal in Connecticut.

The report released by Choate, which documented misconduct claims in detail, marked a sharp departure from the way the school had handled such issues in the past. Reached by phone, Mr. Dey said he was “proud of the school, in terms of what they have done and the way they have approached it.”

In a lengthy statement, his first since the Choate report was released, Mr. Shanahan said Friday that he was “heartbroken” to read about what some students had experienced at the school while he was its headmaster.

“The burden I personally carry is that children were harmed by faculty during my tenure, for which I am deeply, deeply sorry, and the only consolation I have is that, as a result of this report, future incidents like these will be far less likely to occur, and survivors will feel more enabled to come forward for the support they deserve,” Mr. Shanahan said. “Thank you for the privilege of serving you for 20 years. Would that I had done it better.”

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Source: New York Times



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