Budget breakthrough, Trump vs. banks, and flight turbulence


Budget bargaining

Republican and Democratic negotiators have reached an agreement on a spending package to keep the federal government running until September. In spite of their minority position, Democrats were able to score some victories in the bargaining, including no funding for Mr. Trump’s border wall. We look at the winners and losers in the spending bill expected to come up for a vote this week.


Donald Trump has roiled the financial industry by reiterating his support for the idea of breaking up the nation’s biggest banks, a move some experts think would protect the U.S. from another debilitating crash. But is the president serious about taking on Wall Street, and is such a proposal likely to fly in Congress?

Hannity and Fox

The scandal over alleged harassment and discrimination at Fox News has led to another high profile departure from the channel. Bill Shine, who became co-president less than a year ago, has resigned. Shine began at Fox News as Sean Hannity’s producer and, now that he’s gone, all eyes are on Hannity.

Warm, bumpy air

A flight bound for Bangkok encountered such severe turbulence yesterday that 27 passengers were left with injuries, including broken bones. New research suggests transatlantic turbulence could get up to three times worse in the coming decades thanks, in large part, to climate change.

Drive safe

Although automakers are eager to win a coveted highest rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, only a handful of vehicles qualify each year. We run down the list of models the group has designated as top safety picks for 2017.

Iron women

Ironworking isn’t a job typically associated with top-notch perks, but the few women in the trade have something in common with employees of big Silicon Valley firms. We look at how ironworkers ended up with some of the most generous maternity leave in the U.S.

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