Caitlyn Jenner on Mission to Sensitize GOP

Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP

By Cheryl K. Chumley – The Washington Times

The Jenner formerly known as Bruce, but name-changed to Caitlyn, is on a mission to change the Republican Party and make its members more sensitive to LGBT issues.

That’s fine and dandy. But sensitive shouldn’t mean lying.

For instance: Appealing to Americans to regard all individuals with dignity and respect is a sensitivity that all should embrace — because in the eyes of God, we’re all equal, we’re all loved, no matter our individual problems, issues, physical handicaps, mental hang-ups and so on.

Demanding Americans call a “he” a “she” is an offense to truth — and one that should never be part and parcel of the LGBT sensitivity training.

Let’s hope Jenner’s advocating for the former, not latter.\

Either way, he’s considering a run for a California political seat, with the aim at improving the GOP’s handling of such sensitive matters as transgenderism and gay rights.

Source: Fox News



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