Engine Explodes on an Air France Plane, Forcing an Emergency Landing

Just got this pic from friend aboard the Air France CDG to LAX flight that suffered engine failure & landed safely in Canada. Terrifying. pic.twitter.com/nXk23Cengc

Inflight pictures. Loud thud and a lot of vibration. pic.twitter.com/s9GFIyssrh

Scary moments: Blown-out engine, jet makes emergency landing; flight from #Paris, headed to #LA | @CBCNews @CBCAlerts @CBCNL pic.twitter.com/9eYeotiIeR

Engine failure halfway over the Atlantic Ocean #airfrance #airfrance66 #AF66 #birdstrike possibly pic.twitter.com/ETAFw2WIDR

A bus has appeared! #AF66 pic.twitter.com/VRQOI42vi1



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