Fist Fight Erupts on Nippon Airways Flight (VIDEO)


Passenger Brawl All-Out Fist Fight Erupts On Japan to LAX Flight

Two passengers started throwing haymakers at each other on board a flight Monday from Tokyo to LAX … and one ended up in handcuffs.

The fight broke out right before an All Nippon Airways flight took off from Tokyo. According to another passenger … the men were arguing about something when the brawl started. The men threw punch after punch … even after a flight attendant and other passengers tried to jump in between them.

Once security boarded the plane … one of the guys yelled, “You think I’m crazy? What about the government?!”

One of the combatants — a 44-year-old American — was removed and reportedly choked an airline employee in the terminal. He was arrested for assault.

There must be something in the water … after that brawl between Delta passengers where the pilot got involved.

Source: TMZ



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