Greg Oden Says College Is Tough at 29, Homework ‘Sucks’

Greg Oden On Return to College: ‘Homework Sucks’


Greg Oden is finding out that college life ain’t easy at age 29 — but he’s soldiering through like a boss! 

We got the 2007 #1 overall NBA draft pick leaving lunch at L.A. Live … and asked what it’s like being back at Ohio State — strictly as a student this time around. 

“Still tough,” he told TMZ Sports.

And the homework?

“It’s homework. It sucks.”

Oden — who’s taking sports industry classes — has previously said that he’s accepted his basketball career is over so he’s returning to school to set up a better life for himself and his family. 

He re-enrolled last year and he’s sticking with it — and for that, respect. 

Source: TMZ



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