Harvey makes landfall just west of Cameron, Louisiana

Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall early Wednesday, hitting just west of Cameron, Louisiana, which is in the southwest corner of the state.

The storm returned to land about 5 miles west of Cameron with maximum sustained winds of 45 m.p.h. It marks the storm’s first landfall in Louisiana. 

National Hurricane Center meteorologist Dennis Feltgen said Tuesday that when Harvey came back to shore, “it’s the end of the beginning.”

Before it breaks up, Harvey could creep as far east as Mississippi by Thursday, meaning New Orleans, where Hurricane Katrina unleashed its full wrath in 2005, is in Harvey’s path.

Foreboding images of Harvey lit up weather radar screens on the 12th anniversary of the day Katrina made landfall in Plaquemines Parish.

Meteorologists said Harvey was forecast to hit Louisiana much of the day before taking its downpours north. Arkansas, Tennessee and parts of Missouri are on alert for Harvey flooding in the next couple of days.

Feltgen said there’s still a lot of residents in multiple states “who are going to feel the impacts of the storm.”

The latest weather forecast delivered hope to Houston after five days of torrential rain submerged the nation’s fourth-largest city: Less than an inch of rain and perhaps even sunshine.

With at least 18 dead and 13,000 people rescued in the Houston area and surrounding cities and counties in Southeast Texas, others were still trying to escape from inundated homes. Weakened levees were in danger of failing and a less-ferocious but still potent Harvey was on track to slam into Louisiana overnight.

Harvey hit Texas as a Category 4 storm late Friday night packing 130 mph winds. It made a second landfall about three hours later before it was downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane. After the winds dropped under 73 mph, it was downgraded to a tropical storm.

Trump reportedly said he wants to visit Louisiana on Saturday to monitor the damage. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report

Source: Fox News



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