North Korea Accuses U.S. and South Korea of Plotting to Kill Kim Jong-un



Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, in April. North Korea stands accused of assassinating his estranged half brother, Kim Jong-nam, in February. Credit Korean Central News Agency, via Reuters

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea accused the South Korean and American intelligence agencies on Friday of plotting to assassinate its leader, Kim Jong-un, and threatened an unspecified counterattack.

North Korea recently uncovered “a hideous terrorist group” that the National Intelligence Service of South Korea, working with the American C.I.A., had sent into the North on a secret mission to kill Mr. Kim with biochemical agents, said a spokesman of the North’s Ministry of State Security.

In a statement carried by the North’s official news agency, KCNA, the unidentified spokesman said the National Intelligence Service had hired a North Korean logger working in Khabarovsk, in the Russian Far East, in 2014 to prepare for “state-sponsored terrorism.”

Officers at the National Intelligence Service were said to have trained the man, providing him with $20,000 and a satellite transmitter-receiver. They then infiltrated the “human scum” into North Korea, giving him instructions last year on how to assassinate Mr. Kim, the spokesman said.

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Source: New York Times



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