Race, Money and Broadway: How ‘Great Comet’ Burned Out

UPDATE: July 11th will be Oaks first show! DATE CHANGE! They need another week 2get ready for Oak! #PierreOrPerish @GreatCometBway

the show was in desperate shape; sales after ingrid leaving Aug 13 were catastrophically low. show would have closed 2/

Very very sad, but I’m not to blame, and being condescending won’t change that. Thank you for your concern. https://t.co/AYVJUzjeLi

Comets blaze once or twice in a lifetime. THANK YOU for being part of our journey. #WeAreTheGreatComet #ImperfectYetStriving #WeAreYou pic.twitter.com/FSRS6dlVeh

Source: New York Times



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