Rough surf, threat of rip currents creates dangerous conditions on Fla. coast


A search helicopter patrols a beach in South Florida.

CBS Miami

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Rough surf and the threat of rip currents have led to both rescues and drownings this weekend, CBS Miami reports.

The National Weather Service warned of strong and dangerous rip currents along the beaches of South Florida. The wind and waves made the water a place many may wanted to stay away from.

Some beachgoers noticed lifeguards swimming in to the ocean to pull people closer to shore.

“There were sirens and everything,” said Laura Dias. “They were blowing the whistle, everyone kind of got out of the water at some point.”

There have been a number of incidents on the water.

Saturday morning three boaters were saved after their vessel sank.

No way to call for help as three men clung to a cooler off the coast.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue says the men had their phone in a plastic jar and had lost it when the vessel went down, but miraculously it floated back to them. The men called out to Apple’s mobile virtual assistant Siri to call 911. They were rescued and checked out by paramedics, lucky to return home to their families.

Not so lucky was another group out swimming on Friday night.

One man drowned. He was pulled out of the water by another swimmer but later died at the hospital. He was with four other friends on the beach when they got into trouble.

Two women and a man were able to make it back to shore. The fourth person, a man, was rescued my boat.

Another incident at Key Biscayne on the beach behind the Ritz Carlton hotel as a man was found floating face down in the water.

He was pulled out and taken to the hospital but did not make it.

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