Seth Rogen Trolls Trump-Supporting Right-Wing Radio Host

It was a master class in Twitter trolling. 

Actor Seth Rogen got into it on Wednesday with right-wing radio host Bill Mitchell, an avowed supporter of President Donald Trump

Mitchell was none too happy with Rogen, who had called him a “stupid motherfucker” a day earlier. However, many of Mitchell’s angry direct messages were met with variations of “going into a meeting” replies. 

Here’s one DM exchange Rogen shared with his 6.7 million Twitter followers:

Mitchell replied by sharing his own end of the conversation: 

Mitchell also DM’ed Rogen to complain about him sharing the messages. He probably should’ve seen the response coming:  

Mitchell wasn’t quite done venting yet. He posted a tweet that indicated no awareness of the fact that he was being played:  

Rogen’s reply? You guessed it: 

Source: Huffington Post Latest News



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