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Are Americans really driving less?

“Americans are Driving Less” — at least that’s what the headline of a recent press release from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) said. However, it seems the rule-making body for America’s insurance industry, which supposedly keeps track of how we drive and how much we pay for auto insurance, is asleep at the wheel.  “This is a mistaken reading of the trends,” said Robert Hartwig, former head of the Insurance Information Institute who now teaches finance at the University of South Carolina. “We are not showing a decrease,” agreed spokesperson…

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Aaron Carter Had Run-In with Cops Hours Before DUI Refusal Arrest

Aaron Carter Another Run-In with Cops Hours Before Arrest EXCLUSIVE Aaron Carter‘s troubles started hours before his DUI refusal arrest — including a run-in with cops when he couldn’t pay his bill for repairing a flat tire. Aaron pulled into the Walmart Supercenter in Commerce, Georgia on Saturday after blowing out a tire on his Chevy Suburban. According to a source he was riding on the rims when he arrived. We’re told he left the SUV at the tire center and about an hour later returned to pay, but his…

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Should you pay for your home renovation with plastic?

By MoneyTips Are you planning to renovate your home in 2017? There’s a better than 50/50 chance that you are, if a recent poll by LightStream is accurate. The January 2017 LightStream Home Improvement survey found that 59 percent of homeowners plan to spend money on renovations during this year, with 42 percent of the planned renovations costing $5,000 or more. Surprisingly, while 60 percent of those planning renovations intend to fund their project out of savings, 29 percent plan to pay for their home improvements with a credit card. That’s far…

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