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More than 100 killed in Syria assault near capital

BEIRUT — Intense Syrian government shelling and airstrikes on rebel-held Damascus suburbs killed nearly 130 people in two days, marking some of the deadliest bombardment of the rebellious region in three years, a monitoring group and paramedics said Tuesday. Retaliatory shells rained down on Damascus, killing at least eight people and causing panic among residents […]

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More And More Civilians Are Being Killed In Our Name. Where Is The Outrage?

Earlier this month, two U.S.-led airstrikes, including one that targeted a makeshift hospital in Al-Bahra village in Syria, reportedly killed dozens of innocent civilians including women and children. These bombings were the latest in over 10,000 coalition airstrikes in Syria and Iraq over the past year, where civilian casualties have increased by 215 percent. In Somalia, there has been a […]

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More than 30 pounds of fentanyl seized after historic wiretap investigation

State and federal law enforcement officials announced Thursday they seized some 77 pounds of various illicit drugs in the Boston area — including more than 30 pounds of fentanyl — as the result of “Operation High Hopes,” according to a press release by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. They say it’s “one of the […]

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Spanish-Language SOTU Respondent: Democrats ‘Cannot Be Centrist Any More’

Virginia Del. Elizabeth Guzman (D), a first-term state lawmaker slated to deliver the Spanish-language Democratic response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, is not concerned that her unabashed progressive stances will alienate moderate voters who tune in. Asked whether she plans to modulate her views to accommodate the national audience, Guzman answered […]