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Photos Of Billy Graham Through The Years Show How He Became ‘America’s Pastor’

Billy Graham, the charismatic evangelist who came to be known as “America’s pastor,” started his life milking cows on his parents’ farm in North Carolina. After his death at the age of 99 on Wednesday, Christians around the country are remembering the son of a dairy farmer who grew up to become the towering figure in […]

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Florida Shooting Survivor Hid In Closet Almost 70 Years After Grandpa Hid From Shooter

Carly Novell is a 17-year-old senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and was one of the fortunate ones on Wednesday afternoon: She survived the Parkland, Florida, shooting that devastated her school and took the lives of 17 classmates and bystanders. It was the 18th school shooting this year alone. Carly Novell shared a tweet on […]

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Family Of Woman Missing For 12 Years ‘Fed Up’ With Florida Cops

Jennifer Kesse’s family bore witness to another dismal milestone in Florida this week as the recurring date of her disappearance marked 12 years. However, unwilling to accept the fate of previous years – where meaningful breakthroughs have long been absent – they have a new plan to find their missing daughter. “We’re fed up,” Jennifer’s […]

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Sister of doctor detained after 40 years in U.S.: “He doesn’t even speak Polish”

Family and friends of a Michigan doctor who is facing possible deportation are fighting to keep him in the U.S. Lukasz Niec was arrested last week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The 43-year-old emigrated to the U.S. from Poland when he was five. His family believes his arrest is tied to misdemeanor charges from […]

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100 years after “super-flu” pandemic, mysteries remain

WASHINGTON — The descriptions are haunting. Some victims felt fine in the morning and were dead by night. Faces turned blue as patients coughed up blood. Stacked bodies outnumbered coffins. A century after one of history’s most catastrophic disease outbreaks, scientists are rethinking how to guard against another super-flu like the 1918 influenza that killed […]