The GOP Needs to Think Far Beyond Replacing ObamaCare


By The New York Post Editorial Board

With House passage of the American Health Care Act, Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump have revived the GOP drive to replace ObamaCare, but they still have a long, long way to go — and we’re not just talking about getting a bill through the Senate.

Congress needs to look at other factors that drive up the cost of health care.

As we’ve noted before, Republicans spent years posturing against ObamaCare without uniting behind a realistic alternative, and they’re still plainly figuring it all out.

Take pre-existing conditions. There’s nothing wrong in principle with insuring these folks via high-risk pools — if those policies truly offer the coverage they need.

And it makes sense for subsidies for those pools to come from the taxpayers at large, rather than imposing much higher premiums on the relatively few Americans buying individual policies — if you make sure the subsidies are high enough.

Senate Republicans will look hard at those questions, even as they struggle with the Senate’s maddening rules. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has his work cut out for him.

And this bill is only step one in the overall GOP strategy for replacing ObamaCare. The job may well run into next year — at least.

Source: Fox News



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