The horror films of George A. Romero

Romero targeted consumerism in “Dawn of the Dead,” as a shopping mall became the battleground for hordes of zombies, with much blood shed, as surviving humans taking refuge turn on one another. 

Romero’s zombies were always more than mere cannibals – they were metaphors for social ills – racism, militarism, class differences, consumerism, and the rigidity of conformity. 

“The zombies, they could be anything,” Romero told The Associated Press in 2008. “They could be an avalanche, they could be a hurricane. It’s a disaster out there. The stories are about how people fail to respond in the proper way. They fail to address it. They keep trying to stick where they are, instead of recognizing maybe this is too big for us to try to maintain. That’s the part of it that I’ve always enjoyed.”

Source: CBS News – Entertainment



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