Trump reflects; gov’t funding accord; pool party gunfire


President Trump with CBS News’ John Dickerson

Trump praises

President Trump had warm words for members of the GOP-led Congress in an interview airing today on “CBS This Morning,” despite the ongoing battle over health care and fractious moments with the Republican House Freedom Caucus. The show was being broadcast live from the White House.

Trump assesses

On “Face the Nation” yesterday, Mr. Trump looked back on his first 100 days in office and made an abundance of news in his sit-down with John Dickerson. On health care:  pre-existing conditions will be covered. On North Korea:  Kim Jong Un is “a pretty smart cookie.” On Russian hacking accusations:  “It’s very hard to say who did the hacking. … Could’ve been China, could’ve been a lot of different groups.” On being president:  “I’ve had a lot of tough jobs, I’ve had things that were tougher.” And on the border wall:  “Mexico is going to pay … a hundred percent” (but a deal reached by congressional negotiators late last night on a spending bill funding government spending through the end of September doesn’t include any money for the wall).

Bickering surfacing

The White House’s move to put Canada on notice over trade issues may have left many Americans scratching their heads, since the country hasn’t aroused the same ire as Mexico. But the reality is the disputes have been simmering for years. Here’s why President Trump is cheesed off with Canada.

Not so smart
Smart” credit cards, which combine multiple accounts on a single card, were once expected to be a hit with consumers. But the technology has flopped, with one company after another in the niche calling it quits. We look at
why “smart” credit has failed to catch on with consumers.

Numbers crunching

Families trying to pick a college can become fixated on its brand name, recreational facilities or other attributes that say little about the value of the education students will get — or the cost. But there are better, more financially meaningful ways of evaluating schools. Here’s how to pay for college without taking on crippling debt.

Morning gains

For America’s television news giants, the morning hours are becoming increasingly competitive in the fight for millions of viewers and billions in advertising dollars. A new president with a propensity for 7 a.m. tweeting are among the factors helping to drive audiences. The result? Stocks aren’t the only “Trump bump” beneficiaries: Morning news programs from CBS to MSNBC have been gaining audiences and revenue.  

Outlook revamp

Kelly Rowland is best known for her career as a singer, and says she never envisioned herself as an author. But she tells CBS News everything changed after she had her son, Titan Jewell Witherspoon, and the former Destiny’s Child member decided to take it upon herself to talk to experts and write a guidebook on what to expect after you’ve had a baby.

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