When pigs might fly in front of Trump Tower in Chicago


Flying pigs in front of Chicago Trump Tower


A parade of giant gold pigs could be flying by Trump Tower in Chicago some time this summer, obscuring the 20-foot-high “TRUMP” letters on the side of the building facing the Chicago River.


Flying Pigs on Parade – artistic rendering


Chicago-based architecture design group New World Projects came up with the idea for “Flying Pigs on Parade” as a response to Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election. The floating art installation would send four giant gold pig ballons attached to a barge down the Chicago River for a day this summer, on a Saturday or Sunday in August, CBS Chicago reports.

New World Projects still has to raise between $100,000-$150,000 to cover the costs of the project and the City of Chicago has not yet signed off, according to CBS Chicago. 

The idea was inspired by George Orwell, and according to the project’s website, it would be “a visual response to the loud, illogical and frequently hateful expressions that polluted the presidential elections and that now define the actions of our U.S. leadership.” 

Visually, the project was inspired by Pink Floyd’s “Animals” album cover, which also features a flying pig. Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has given the group his approval, and New World Projects plans to replicate its project in other cities after the Chicago debut of the pigs. According to CBS Chicago, the pigs have been named, too — Old Major, Napoleon, Squealer and Minimus — in an homage to Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

CBS Chicago also points out that Trump Tower dates to 2008, but it was in 2014 that Mr. Trump decided to mark his building with the giant TRUMP letters, which span two floors of the building, “covering 2,800 square feet and…illuminated at night with LED lights.”

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