White House Considers Tougher Rules as Part of Immigration Overhaul

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, told reporters on Monday that the White House intends to release a broad set of immigration proposals soon.

“We will be putting out specific principles that the White House supports and would like to see done legislatively,” Ms. Sanders said.

Two White House officials later said that the blueprint, first reported by McClatchy, represented a menu of options being considered. But it did not signal Mr. Trump’s timetable for moving on the proposal, or what he might ultimately decide.

Congressional Democratic leaders declined on Tuesday to comment on the document. They said they would wait for Mr. Trump to issue a formal request as he pieces together a legislative package to preserve the status of the Dreamers and still honor his get-tough campaign pledge to crack down on illegal immigration and build a border wall with Mexico.

The blueprint also includes a handful of proposals that have already been mentioned by the Trump administration or that have been included in Republican legislative proposals.

They fall into three broad categories: securing the border; placing new restrictions on legal immigration to protect American workers, a focus for Mr. Miller; and increased enforcement of immigration laws within United States borders, as made possible by a major expansion of the agent force for the Department of Homeland Security.

Other proposals include eliminating protections for unaccompanied, undocumented minors; restricting asylum for adults and children; implementing an online system that allows businesses to quickly check the immigration status of an applicant; and increasing fees for visa applications.

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